7 Lugares culturales que debes conocer de Tijuana

7 Cultural places you must see in Tijuana

This city constantly feeds off of its geographic location, which has allowed it to be a place where artistic talents receive inspiration from all walks of life, seeing as it’s a border city but still maintaining their own identity. Here you can appreciate many cultural spots, like: museums, murals, art hallways, as well as art festivals throughout the year. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn Tijuana’s culture the next time you stop by!


Web: https://www.facebook.com/cecut.mx/

The most important cultural center in the whole city and northeast area. It opened in 1982 and here you can spend your day by watching an IMAX movie at the omnimax, see national and international art expos at El Cubo, visit the permanent expo of Museo de las Californias, as well as relax by watching a play or visiting the aquarium. You’ll also find Cineteca Tijuana, a souvenir gift shop and a library.

2-Casa de la Cultura Tijuana

Web: https://www.facebook.com/amigosCCT/

It’s one of the most historic buildings in the city and a cultural space with high importance. From here you’ll admire a panoramic view of Tijuana and even San Diego. This place is home to regional, bi-national and international events.

3-Instituto Municipal de Arte Y Cultura , IMAC

Web: http://www.imac.tijuana.gob.mx/

Located a few steps from the infamous Avenida Revolución you’ll run into Antiguo Palacio Municipal, which is a historic building. See its galleries, library and museums.

4-Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, ICBC

Web: https://www.facebook.com/TijuanaICBC/

This is one of the most history-filled establishments in Tijuana. You’ll see art hallways; whether it be photography, painting, sculpting and more. They have a multi forum where dance, theatre and concert presentations take place and recently, opened an amphitheatre mainly for outdoor concerts.

5-CEART Tijuana

Web: https://www.facebook.com/CEARTTijuana/

One of the youngest culture spots on the list but dedicated to society and tourists who wish to learn more about the border and this city. They have workshops for dance, music, painting, theatre, narration, photography and more. There’s also a 4D lounge and outdoor activities for dance, theatre, concerts, etc.

6-Pasaje Rodríguez y Pasaje Revolución

Web Pasaje Rodríguez:
Web Pasaje Revolución:

These are some of the coolest cultural gems in all of Tijuana, Pasaje Rodriguez and Pasaje Revolución, both in the downtown area and Avenida Revolución. Here you’ll enjoy spaces dedicated to art; photography, books, painting, theatre and food, as well as craft beer and coffee. They both show off beautiful murals on the surroundings of their building, adding to their charm.

7-Cine Tonalá


Last but not least, this option joins in on the fun and comes all the way from Mexico City to offer Tijuana a wider range of options; a movie theatre with many genres to pick from. They have a coffee shop as well as mixology, like their craft beer. On the second floor there’s a store filled with products, handcrafted by local artists and on the third floor you’ll bump into a restaurant that holds jazz concerts on Thursdays, including other special presentations and Sunday brunches.

Without a doubt, this city offers all kinds of events, from concerts, movies by their directors and actors, to theatre, stand up, performance, dance and different workshops.

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