Actions and recommendations for international patients coming to Tijuana for medical procedures


While doctors from all specialties, clinics, and offices reopen their doors, the Health Authorities verify that all the recommendations are followed so all medical activities of this important sector are safely carried out so everyone is safe.

Before arriving at Tijuana:

Although there is practically unrestricted access to enter Tijuana by plane, please confirm with your doctor if there is any update or specific recommendation during your visit. You should also do this when traveling by car.

Confirm your reservation with the hotels that are following sanitary instructions, and consider staying a few more days so you can indulge in internationally awarded local cuisine at Tijuana’s restaurants, breweries, and food trucks.


  • Make sure the medical establishment you are visiting is following safety measures.
  • Make your appointment with anticipation and confirm if you will need hotel accommodation or special transportation.
  • The doctor’s assistants from the hospital, clinic, or office can inform you about hotel and transportation options during your stay.
  • Check with the doctor’s office regarding the necessary safety measures you will need to follow when arriving at your appointment, procedure, or surgery.

Some doctors, hospitals, or clinics could ask you for COVID 19 test results or may ask you to have other tests to evaluate lung condition before accepting you as a candidate for a medical procedure.

What will you find when arriving at your appointment?

The use of face masks in enclosed spaces is mandatory. You will need to wear it before entering any medical facility, as well as other private and public establishments.

At the entrance, there is a sanitizing rug for your shoes. Please use the hand sanitizer dispensaries placed strategically throughout the facilities, or wash your hands frequently. Social distancing indicators are placed on the floor so it’s easier to calculate safe proximity. All medical and administrative personnel use protective equipment to welcome you guaranteeing complete safety.

Many medical service providers offer international transportation between Tijuana and San Diego using the border’s Fast Track or «Medical Lane» that is fully operational from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening. Please remember that for the time being, only US citizens, residents can return to the US, and only for essential activities.

Tijuana, a reopened medical tourism destination

These past two months, doctors, medical facilities like clinics, offices, and hospitals have conditioned their infrastructure, and intensified their safety protocols, while medical personnel received the proper training to implement COVID 19. The operating rooms are now receiving patients who prefer coming to Tijuana to have their procedures instead of having them in the US because of the quality of care and great prices. There are many types of medical procedures performed in the city while dental, weight loss, and plastic surgery have become increasingly popular.

With California as the eighth world exporter of medical tourists, hotel accommodation, transportation, food, and more are part of the extensive menu of specialized services in Tijuana that have already resumed activities with world-class health protocols to meet the high demand of international patients.

If you are coming for dental treatment, or surgery, take your time and enjoy all that Tijuana has for you during this summer.