We have a cave painting route in Baja California, important murals that are proof of our history and the first settlers of this land.

EL VALLECITO; is located 5 kilometers to the northeast of La Rumorosa, here you’ll find pictograph groups that range from a wide variety of themes and abstract-geometry to even figurative ones. Humanoide, stars and plant figures. The most representative painting of this place is called “El Diablito”.

At La Rumorosa – Mexicali freeway, on Kilometer 57, you'll find another incredible place next to a cubic rock. It has many Humanoide type paintings, as well as petroglyphs and mortars.

In Ensenada, RANCHO DE LA LLAVE, along the San Vicente stream you’ll see a rocky wall about 10 meters high, full of petroglyphs featuring some of the few in our state with shamans (medicine-man) and giant deer representations.

Another great place explore, is LAS PINTAS, there’s a bundle of rocks between two mountains and hundreds of white drawings.

One you can’t miss is on the edge of the stream, SAN FERNANDO VELICATA, with abstract and geometric designs over an orange colored rock. They’re on the way towards Kilometer 119 of the Transpeninsular highway that runs from San Quintín towards the south.

Without a doubt, CATAVIÑA is one of those trips that you’ll enjoy from start to finish, along the way you will find signage and information about local culture, as well as valuable insight on what you’re about to discover.

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