Fin de California, a «Caliterranean» experience for all our senses



Like when falling in love, Fin de California comes first through the eyes and then gradually conquers us with an atmosphere of style in which interior design, art, excellent service, aromas, and, of course, flavors coexist.

After being greeted by its hostess, the restaurant unfolds as a great space for enjoyment and coziness among comfortable furniture, large tables and a ring of velvety booths that surround the entire room like a stroke of color ending in the imposing mural of the Angelino artist Justino Guerrero, which represents an aerial view of the international wall that plunges into the sea, the same one that it unites and divides both Californias simultaneously.

The modern architecture at FinCA integrates textures of charred wood, huge metal rings, and soft light panels, much like alabaster, perfect to feel relaxed and subsequently prompt us to enjoy excellent service and a «Caliterranean» menu.

«We would like to pay homage to this fascinating region that shares the same sky, ocean, and extraordinary ingredients on both sides of the wall. We put all our experience in the hospitality industry to satisfy the demanding palates in Tijuana, » says José Noel Alvarez, partner, and creator of the FinCa concept along with other young European and Mexican entrepreneurs who bring their know-how of the gastronomic industry built on the success of the popular «Nativo: Taller Gastronómico» in Guadalajara, Jalisco. México.

As Javier Maxemin, another partner of FinCa who conceptualized and was in charge of creative development, says: «The experience at the table is a permanent stimulation with textures, aromas, and flavors that evoke the products of our ocean, our valleys, and our rich influences from all over Mexico, Asia, and the Mediterranean.»

Chef Sergio Chávez shares his vision to create this «Caliterranean» culinary overture that has been carefully crafted from his experiences in big international restaurants like Mexico City, Washington, and Dubai. To complement the incredible dishes, the meals are served in handcrafted Tlaquepaque ceramic plates created by the artist Paco Padilla; an adorable wooden pork-fish to serve Tuna Tartar, and a huge plate-hand to serve Grandma’s Croquettes are just a few of the many subtleties that invite us to have a full sensory experience.

You don’t choose the knives, the knives choose you.

When it’s time to use knives, handcrafted artisanal cutlery from Rodrigo Auge arrives at your table to use with your meal. They say the knife is the one that chooses its wielder.


All dishes are thought out to be at the center of the table and portions that can be shared with a group of friends or your significant other.

  • Steak & Frites: 10 oz Prime Black Angus Ribeye mounted on a truffled potato mash, crowned by crispy potatoes drizzled with au jus with bone marrow and parmesan cheese.

At the bar, the popular half-Mexican-half-Italian mixologist Armando Alarcón a.k.a the «King of the Sour» or «Fat» is in charge of creating mouthwatering and heavenly drinks; you can find original creations, traditional cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks to be served with local and fresh ingredients that will captivate and surpass the client’s expectations.

  • Gin Toni: Gin made in Tijuana by Enmienda 18, grapefruit, tonic water, and Bitter.
  • Café Racer: Spiced rum, espresso cold brew, and agave honey.

Days & Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.


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