Get to know what Tijuana hotels are doing to safely welcome you.



Sanitary filter

At the hotel's entrance, there will be a sanitizing rug, antibacterial gel, and infrared temperature control. The hotel's collaborators also go through a meticulous sanitation filter before entering and exiting the facilities.

Social distancing

As you make your way into the hotel's reception, there will be visible signs in all common areas to maintain a minimum of 5 feet of social distancing from other guests and hotel personnel.

Antibacterial disinfectant

There will be hand sanitizer gel dispensers in all entrances and contact areas such as reception, lobby, halls, elevators, gyms, pools, etcetera.

Automatic or host operated doors

When possible, doors will remain open, they will be automatic or operated by hotel personnel to avoid any contact with door handles.

There will be no valet parking

Unless it is required or needed by the guest, hotel personnel will avoid opening or driving a private vehicle. If they do so, they must follow the necessary protocols.

Bellboys and room service

Room service personnel and bellboys will use protective gloves, as well as face masks and face guards. The cleaning staff will also be wearing hair protective gear. All service carts will be sanitized after each use.

Use of face masks in common areas

The hotel will show instructions for the correct usage of face masks and will encourage guests to wear them in all common areas. They will also offer free or purchasable face masks.

Counter cleanliness

Counters will be cleaned immediately after serving each guest.

Elevator use

The control board will be disinfected hourly. Only the traveling party will board the elevator while adhering to occupancy limits and social distancing recommendations. The bellboy will ride separately with the luggage. There will be visible recommendations, and the use of the staircase is encouraged. All persons must wear a face mask inside the elevator.


Cleaning will be increased, especially in high contact areas such as handles, controls, pull handles, supports, etcetera. The health authorities recommended sanitizing products will be used constantly.