NOOK Hotel and a unique corner in downtown Tijuana



In the heart of Tijuana, on Sixth Street, which gave back the nightlife to "la Revu" and all downtown, NOOK Hotel Boutique opens its doors; a project that is integrated into the already renovated Building Emilia and Café Nativo.

On the corner of Constitution Street, NOOK is an ideal place for hospitality that combines location, design, good taste and personal service to live the city with the adventurous spirit of young couples, artists, journalists, musicians, and other independent travelers who are looking for a central and cozy place to " anchor " while they visit a city.

Mariel Cuervo, CEO of Coyote Projects, a Tijuana company with other hospitality projects in the city, offered a private tour of the building designed by local architect Rudy Argote, and decorated by muralist Alonso Delgadillo.

"Each of the 17 rooms has all the services and the maximum comfort so that the guests get the best experience and inspiration from their stay at downtown Tijuana. Apart from a digitally friendly space, we want NOOK to express the warmth and the hospitality of the Cali-Baja region," says Mariel Cuervo.

NOOK will formally be opened on February 28th, 2020 along with the inauguration of Bar Elvira, which will be right underneath the hotel bringing the Caribbean breeze to the corner with its drinks and evocative style of the ‘80s in Miami, when Elvira Hancock conquered Tony Montana in Scarface.

Although NOOK will officially open next Friday 28th, you can already book rooms and stay through Airbnb, or

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