outstanding host baja californiaEndorsed by OUTSTANDING HOST BAJA CALIFORNIA and Better Business Bureau México, this program by the State’s Ministry of Tourism (SECTURE) features the best lodging, food and drink establishments, as well as businesses dedicated to selling handmade products, jewelry and rustic furniture that are located in tourist areas, to promote them as the best representatives of Baja California.



The famous Caesar salad was created here. It offers an atmosphere that takes you back to the 20’s when the salad was invented. You can also try the roasted marrow and ask for a regional wine or house beer.




This is one of the restaurants by well-known Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero, where you can dine on the best BajaMed cuisine. Try the pizza, pastas, salads and meats. You can’t miss out on the arrachera pizza or their sautéed salmon with risotto. The atmosphere will catch your attention with its urban and vibrant style. It also offeres an excellent selection of Valle de Guadalupe wines.




The beggings of this restaurant go back to 1934. They are the creators of the traditional Tijuana style burritos. Since the 50’s they’ve been an important part of Tijuana’s history. Bol Corona was also a bowling alley, cantina and nightclub. Today they’re famous for their burritos at the Agua Caliente location. There’s 5 locations around the city. Bol Corona is one of the classic options for Mexican cuisine in Tijuana.




As said by its Chef Zoe Villareal, it’s “a way to reinterpret traditional Mexican food, absorbing culinary and cultural influences from the border”. Everyone loves the birria sandwich with gouda cheese, pair it with a craft beer. Only in TJ!




One of the city’s best places to eat, along with a great atmosphere and a surprising cocktail bar. Its Cali-Baja proposal mixes Mexican and American cuisine with a hip and trendy vibe.




One of the city’s classic restaurants with an Andalucía style cuisine. Here you’ll find from Mediterranean salads to baked lamb with fine herbs.
Come try the authentic cuisine from southern Spain.




Their chilaquiles and enchiladas are made from a variety of 20 salsas, recently they added traditional Mexican eats to their menu. Their café de olla is something you must try. They have 4 locations through the city. Serving chilaquiles since 2011.




Breakfast, lunch and diner in one of the city’s most traditional authentic Mexican cuisine restaurants. Surrounded by a unique, Mexican atmosphere with details like: adobe, flowers and big windows.
It’s known for their flavors, dishes and a variety of salsas. Try their chicharron en salsa verde, the comal melted cheese, tongue enchiladas on green pipian and don’t forget to order some chapulines!




This Chinese food restaurant with a Mexican influence offers a complete experience that goes beyond any other Chinese restaurant could offer. Here you’ll find dishes with quality ingredients, presentation and flavors.
Don’t miss out the red cuts of meat, won ton soup, plum style duck and of course their chun kun.