Telefónica Gastro Park Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best 2020 on TripAdvisor



«Telefónica» opened its doors in mid-2014, and it instantly became what the city needed, a relaxed and innovative gastro park that gathered food trucks and food stalls in one place where guests could enjoy a vast variety of delicious dishes.

As soon as it opened, it caught the attention of talented chefs as an option to share their culinary visions with the public at a more relaxed venue. Chefs like Adria Marina from Azaroza who now owns Georgina, an upscale and chic restaurant at Tijuana’s business district, as well as Television Chef Giovanni Brassea started Humo Charcuterie, a delicious grill and cold cut sandwich and hotdog shop, and Oswaldo Flores from Creta who later opened KOOL, a stylish and delicious restaurant that focuses on traditional Mexican food with an innovative twist located at the gastronomic district.

In 2016, Telefonica outgrew their first venue and moved to their current location in Aguacaliente Boulevard and 12th St. This “new” venue is bigger and has more open spaces than before becoming an instant hit. During this contingency, it was one of the first to open following all necessary Covid-19 measures.

Along with 14 delicious culinary options, Telefonica ventured onto the craft beer industry by opening their inhouse brewery called Cerveza Lírica. It quickly became a house favorite due to its delicious flavor and dedication from their brewmasters, dedication that took Cerveza Lírica to the Mexican beer competition Cerveza Mexico, returning home with 2 well-deserved medals:

  • Gold Medal for their English brown ale Brown Eyed Girl.
  • Silver Medal for Double Trouble, their Double IPA.

Another recommendation by beer connoisseurs is their original IPA, Tijuana Makes Me Hoppy, a delightful and flavorful brew that leaves you asking for more; you can also find their flagship beers at local convenience stores and supermarkets.

« All of us that contribute to Tijuana’s hospitality industry have encountered challenges to adapt to the new normal, however now that the city is an international culinary destination, it deserves an extra effort from all of us, and we will adhere to the responsibility of welcoming our guests with the highest safety standards,» says Antonio Gamboa, founder of Telefónica.

Safety & Hygiene measures:

  • A sanitizing tunnel at the entrance.
  • Permanent use of face masks.
  • Lavatories and toilets with electronic sensors.
  • Permanent sanitizing of glassware.
  • Hand washing protocol every 20 minutes for staff and tenants.
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the gastro park.

The recognition by TripAdvisor crowns the vision and hard work of everyone at Telefónica Gastro Park, a proposal that continues to attract both local and international guests from both sides of the border.

What’s new: A retractable roof on the mezzanine, adding another outdoor space to the entire gastro park where guests can enjoy the city’s great weather while relishing on the many options Telefonica has to offer.

Hours: Sunday to Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Parking and valet parking are available.