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8 July, 2020
Tijuana Protocolos de Salud

Get to know what Tijuana hotels are doing to safely welcome you.

Like many other hospitality businesses, hotels in Tijuana have been preparing with all protocols and recommendations to safely reopen for you and all other guests. When preparing your upcoming trip, please consider the following safety recommendations while choosing a hotel and making a reservation.
25 February, 2020
Nook Hotel Tijuana Centro

NOOK Hotel and a unique corner in downtown Tijuana

In downtown Tijuana, there are dozens of well-known corners for locals and visitors. Some of them have changed radically over time, sometimes forgetting their history or their surroundings. NOOK Hotel Boutique did the opposite and is now considered to be completely integrated with the traditional corner of Sixth Street and Constitución Avenue.
24 February, 2020
Sabor a Tijuana

Sabor a Tijuana brings together international chefs in a celebratory event

All the best of Tijuana's and the world's gastronomic culture in the hands of the most representative Chefs of each country and region gathered in a festival awaited by Tijuana's foodies and visitors alike.
17 February, 2020
9 hotspots de Tijuana en los que tienes que hacer «check in» este Febrero

9 hotspots in Tijuana where you must “check in” this February

Tijuana has new places and events this February. Whether you are looking for alternative gastronomy, mixology, new proposals or great locations, these are 9 must-see hotspots in Tijuana to visit during the month.
15 December, 2018

The best donuts are found in Tijuana

Donuts are a crowd favorite and considered one of the best desserts, they come in many shapes, sizes and flavors. Tijuana has been innovating the elaboration and presentation of these delights, to the point where some places now offer unimaginable creations.
14 December, 2018

8 Places to enjoy a delicious brunch in Tijuana

Like we say: there’s nothing better than enjoying the morning with a tasty brunch! Tijuana is the perfect place for that. If you’re craving something yummy in the early hours, take into consideration the following suggestions we have for you.
13 December, 2018

7 Restaurants in Tijuana that all “Veggie Lovers” need to try

Tijuana’s gastronomic options are constantly evolving in order to satisfy all taste buds and lifestyles for locals and visitors. If you’re vegan or simply love veggies and looking for something healthy,
12 December, 2018

7 Cultural places you must see in Tijuana

This city constantly feeds off of its geographic location, which has allowed it to be a place where artistic talents receive inspiration from all walks of life, seeing as it’s a border city but still maintaining their own identity.
11 December, 2018

The Brewing District of Tijuana

It’s already known by many that the products that stand out the most in the City is craft beer, so much that Tijuana has become the biggest producer in Latin America. In the city you’ll find a lot of craft beer businesses, mainly in Zona Río and Zona Centro (downtown).