El Distrito Cervecero de Tijuana

The Brewing District of Tijuana

It’s already known by many that the products that stand out the most in the City is craft beer, so much that Tijuana has become the biggest producer in Latin America. In the city you’ll find a lot of craft beer businesses, mainly in Zona Río and Zona Centro (downtown). Below are a few that you need to try during your next trip.

1-Norte Brewing

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/NorteBrewingCo/

Though this spot is newly opened, it rapidly positioned itself as a favorite! Besides their delicious beer, they have an amazing view of the city, since they’re located on the 5th floor. Ask for one of their house beers; an Amber Ale style Cougar, a IPA style Penthouse or a Oatmeal Stout. Pretzels are always on the house!


2-Teorema Lúdica

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/Teorema.Ludica/

This one is also a new place in the downtown area and gives Avenida Revolución a fresher feel. They offer tastings so you can decide which flavor you like the most. There’s tables outside and on the 2nd floor to accomodate to your ideal setting, perfect for a chat or celebration. Order the Imperial Stout, No Hype two IPA’s or simply ask the waiter for a suggestion. Sometimes, there’s live music and screens where you can enjoy a series or important sport events.


3-Public House

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/publichousetj/

A Craft beer bar with 12 taps and a wide variety of bottles. They also have a big menu for lunch and breakfast on the patio. This is a great place to delight your taste buds with different beer from Tijuana and the region. There are always promotions of their fanpage.


4-Mamut Brewery Co.

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/MamutBreweryCo/

We could say that this is among the first tap rooms that helped craft beer expand and broke the barrier. It’s grown so much that they not only have a smaller tap room on Pasaje Rodriguez, but also a big restaurant with a forum for events downtown and another in Plaza Río. We recommend their most recent collaborations with Brujos Brewing and Black Market; the Double Neipa, which comes in 2 versions: Coco and vanilla or mango with peach. Ask for the Belgian Pale Ale, Imperial Stout and many more! Share some pizza, fries and wings with your friends.


5-Insurgente Tap Room

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/InsurgenteTapRoom/

One of the most consolidated tap rooms of “Plaza Fiesta”. They have a simple atmosphere where beer is the main star. Try the Tiniebla, La Brown, La Lupulosa. They always have collabs with other breweries or ingredients.


6-Border Psycho Tasting Room

Social Media: Facebook

A favorite among Tijuana locals and tourists, where you can try an Imperian Psycho Ale IPA, Porter or English Brown Ale. Visit and pair your drink with a tasty dish.


7-Azteca Craft Brewing

Social Media: www.facebook.com/azteca.craftbrewing/

Stop by their Tap House and try a drink from their refreshing beer selection. They’re a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts and they always hold live concert events! Try La Revu, Pitic, La Rumorosa, among others.


8-Cerveza Ramuri

Social Media: www.facebook.com/azteca.craftbrewing/

This is one of the best beer spots, not only in Tijuana but the whole state. Try the Lágrimas Negras, Diablo Blanco, Imperial Stout or a recommendation from your waiter. They have 8 bottles. Some other choices are Crazy Mango and Frutos Rojos (Red Fruits). It’s found inside of Plaza Fiesta.


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